Åbo Akademi

What used to be a good search function was showing its age due to the site’s heavily expanded content. Searches were slow, and too many results were shown.

When the website was revamped, the decision was made to get Valu Search.

“Valu has been an excellent partner in every way.

Deployment went without a hitch. Nothing changed on the outside, and we didn’t need internal training or to change anything.

The support service has worked extremely well. Valu responds fast and personally to all messages, explaining how the matter will be handled.”

Ben Roimola

— Ben Roimola, Web Specialist, Åbo Akademi

Limited scalability a challenge for search function

The search function on the previous websites was beginning to slow down as the website grew. You had to wait longer for the results, and there could be dozens of them without any logical order or grouping.

The result was predictable: the search function was becoming less useful.

Valu Search shows key results faster

We wanted the new search function to be easy to use and, most importantly, fast. The search function had to be scalable for any data volume, without slowing down or burdening the Åbo Akademi website.

Valu Search was chosen primarily for its speed and Google-like ease of use.

Now that Valu Search has been used for longer, we asked web specialist Ben Roimola about the best features of Valu Search.

“The previous search function was fast, but this is much faster,” says Roimola.

Roimola also praises Valu Search for its Google-like, intuitive user experience: nothing is left to chance or trial. The user can clearly see what the results include. Although there may be dozens of hits, the most relevant ones are at the top of the list.

People have different ways of searching for information, but Valu Search helps them all

Åbo Akademi has several user groups whose needs are quite different to each other. The main menu of a traditional website would always cater for the needs of up to two user groups, leaving the rest to struggle on their own.

Roimola says that the threshold for trying Valu Search is extremely low.

As the search function is clearly visible and works without repeatedly refreshing the view, most users take to it right away.