A new way to make users happier

A slow search function with poor features tends to lead users to a dead-end rather than helping them find what they are looking for.

Valu Search replaces embarrassingly bad search functions with a more user-friendly and functional tool which users love to recommend.


Smart search results more easily than from Google

Valu Search enables the presentation of page searches, products and all other content in logical groups

“The previous search function was fast, but this is much faster.”

– Ben Roimola, Web Specialist, Åbo Akademi

Grouping the search results and presenting them with a clear heading, picture and description makes it easier to take in information.

Search results are presented in order of relevance, so users will find, as with Google, that the links at the top of the list are most likely to take you where you want to go.

If necessary, you can affect the order by using ‘Superwords’.

Valu Search is a natural part of your website and doesn’t feel like a separate service. We will select search fonts and colours that match those of your website.

Valu Search Ordinary search tool
SEARCH RESULTS Quickly, easily and clearly More slowly and in random order
The more relevant the search result, the higher up in the list it will be. Search results in random order
Results are updated as the user writes search words The results are updated once the search is ready, and then you wait for the page to load
A much faster search that does not burden the website A search that burdens the website
Everything relevant is found, not just the pages Usually restricted to certain type of content, such as pages and articles
Clearly grouped results: Pages, articles, files, products… All results just in a list
Layout A search function layout tailored for your website is included in the price Usually tailorable for an extra fee, or by doing it yourself
USER EXPERIENCE User first, both in the search results and tool management Varies
CUSTOMER SERVICE & TECHNICAL SUPPORT Always quick response and communication about how matters are progressing Varies
PRICE Fixed setting up and monthly fee CALCULATE THE PRICE HERE Varies


Our customers' achievements

“Valu Search is also a great help in managing the site content”

Henna Väisänen, Communication Designer, OSAO

Case: OSAO

“Valu Search site search works well and it is comprehensive and fast.”

Hannele Kukka, Communications Manager, Pohjolan Voima

Case: Pohjolan Voima

“When there is a lot of material, a well-functioning and fast site search is very important”

Katri Vilppola, ICT Expert, Finance Finland

Case: Finance Finland
Ben Roimola

“The old site search was fast, but this still much faster.”

Ben Roimola, Web Specialist, Åbo Akademi

Case: Åbo Akademi
Tea Salonsaari

“The search results are very clear thanks to the type classification.”

Tea Salonsaari, Information Officer, City of Kouvola

Case: City of Kouvola: A clearer search function was needed to replace the previous one